Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Belly Canvas

Although sometimes pregnancy feels like it lasts forever, it is actually just a short period that is over before you know it.  Why not commemorate this joyous occasion with a beautiful painting of your beautiful baby belly.  It is also a great piece of art you can display in your little one's nursery.   

You will need:
Large sheet of paper
18 x 24 size canvas
Three colors of acrylic paint
paint brush

Start by taping a large sheet of paper on the wall.  Stand close to the paper with a lamp on the other side of your body to create a shadow of your belly. 

Have someone trace the outline of your belly onto the paper.

Cut out the outline of your belly and arrange it on the canvas.  Position the paper where you want your belly to be and trace it with pencil onto the canvas. 

Now it's time to paint!  I chose colors to match my daughter's room, but you may want pink or blue to represent the sex of your baby or colors to match your house's decor.  Paint the left and right side of your belly outline different colors.  Get as close to the pencil line as you can.  I also painted the sides of the canvas as well.  Let those coats dry according to the paint directions.  You may want to add a second coat of paint for better coverage.  After the paint is dry, you will paint a line in a third color to cover the pencil line and finish off the look.  Hang your canvas and Enjoy!

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