Friday, August 26, 2011

Fortune Cookie Favors / Placecards

I've always loved fortune cookies!  It just makes me think of the future and good luck.  I would have loved to have those beautiful silver fortune cookies for wedding favors, but they were just not in my budget.  These are a great favor you can make for a wedding, baby shower, or any party.  They also make great placecards.

You will need decorative scrapbook paper, scissors, ribbon, glue,
 a pencil, a paperclip, and a 6 inch bowl.
Start by tracing the bowl onto the back of your paper.  Mine was 6 inches, but feel free to pick whatever size you like.  Cut out your circle.

Fold your circle in half with the printed side in.  Lightly crease this fold.

Open it up, turn it halfway, and loosely fold in half with the printed sides out.  The crease should be perpendicular to your new fold. 

Fold the outside edges in towards the middle until they meet.

Open it up slightly and slip your piece of ribbon through the tube created.

Add a drop of glue in the fold where the sides meet.

Refold and paper clip the sides together until the glue is dry. 
You can add a message or a name to your ribbon if using these as placecards.

These are so easy to personalize.  So many different decorative papers that you can use for any occasion!

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  1. These are adorable! And they seem easy enough to do. Love it!


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