Sunday, August 28, 2011

Necklace Onesie / Shirt

These necklace onesies are such a cute trend that are so popular right now.  Finally babies can accessorize without worrying about choking hazards!  This is a simple project that anyone can create without any painting experience.

You will need a pre-washed onesie or shirt, fabric paint, and a pen or pencil.

Fold your shirt in half to determine the middle line of your shirt or onesie.  You may want to iron a crease down the middle so you can reference this line as you paint. 

Squirt a small amount of your paint onto a paper plate.  You will use the unsharpened end of a pencil or eraser end, or the flat end of a pen to make your necklace beads.  I like to use two different sizes to make different beads.

Starting in the middle of the shirt and working to the sides, dip your pencil or pen end in the paint and then dab it onto your shirt.  This will make a circle bead.  Continue making your beads out and up to the shoulder seam of your garment.  Then start in the middle again and go the opposite way, finishing your necklace.  Go back and redab any beads that don't have enough paint.  You can then create more strands if you would like and use different paint colors.  I have also used heart shaped erasers to make pendants. 

Check the instructions for your fabric paint.  Some of them suggest that after your paint is dry that you turn your garment inside out and iron it to finish the paint affect.

If you are making this shirt for an older child or adult, you can add embellishments like a flower pin or a bow for a more 3D look. 

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