Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diaper Covered Gift Box

This weekend I joined a group of friends as we celebrated Maria and her soon-to-be little boy at her baby shower.  I always like to give something homemade and creative with my gift as a little personal touch.  One of my friends makes great diaper cakes and I figured she would be bringing one of those, so I wanted to make something a little different.  I had already bought some smaller gift items, so I also wanted something to package those items in.  I decided to make a diaper wrapped present.

This has the feel of a diaper cake, but a little more practical since it opens and you can put your presents inside.  I used a box that's top lifted up.  You could also use a lift off lid box (like a shoe box would be). 

Using small pieces of packing tape folded onto itself, tape a diaper onto the outside edge (around the bottom) of the box.  Tape the next diaper onto the box, overlapping the first diaper a bit.  Continue around the bottom edge of the box until it is covered.  Add a finishing touch by wrapping a ribbon around the box and tying a bow.  This also keeps the diapers in place as well.

Now it is time to cover the top of the box.  I decided to make it five rows, with two of the rows overlapping on top of the other three.  This may be different for you depending on the size of your box.  I taped down my first three rows, overlapping the ends. 

Tape on the next two rows of diapers, overlapping your first three rows.  Now we will add some ribbon for a little support and a decorative touch.  Wrap your ribbon around only the top of the box, taping it under the lid.  This way the box can be opened without actually untying the ribbons.  Mom-to-be can keep the box intact for a while if she would like. 

Since mine was a lift up (not lift off) lid, I added a little tab of ribbon that I just taped under the lid so that you could just pull the ribbon to open the box.

These are so many diapers out there to change the look of your gift too.  I used Target brand diapers which were perfect for a little boys gift box.  Be sure to let Mom know what size diapers they are as well.

A couple of tips:
If your box is brown like mine, I would recommend covering the box in wrapping paper or something so that it does not show through if you have any cracks.
You could also use a reusable, decorative box that could be used in the babies room afterwards.

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