Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Most kids have a Lovie that they drag around with them wherever they go.  Some kids grow out of them quickly and others hold on to them as long as possible.  I will admit that I still have my childhood blanket that is falling apart with a huge hole in the middle of it.  I was more worried the outside silky edge was still intact since that was the most important part!  My Mom swore that I would wear my blanket down the aisle when I got married.  (I didn't)  I do still keep it for sentimental reasons.
My older daughter has had a few Lovies.  She always has a doggie and a baby.  Smelly Doggy has stayed constant and has been with her since the beginning.  She hates when I wash it because he loses his smell (stink!)  But the babies have been changed out every year or two.  Usually when their hair is so matted and gross.  I don't make her ditch it, she just finds a new doll that is a favorite and replaces the old.  I have saved the first doll even though the poor thing should be quarantined! 

Embarassed to show these!  Smelly Doggy and Ariel are the current Lovies!

My middle daughter has never really had a favorite.  She has to have lots of stuffed animals and dolls sleep with her at night, but she's not picky on which ones they are.  She has a new favorite every day.

My youngest daughter isn't really old enough to pick a favorite yet, though she has been toting something around for the last few days.  She has started a bad habit of pinching me as a way of soothing herself when I am holding her.  She goes for the sensitive spots too!  The under arms, chest and neck skin!  So we broke out the newborn baby mittens to keep her from the bad habit.  When she was playing later, she found the mittens on the couch.  She has now been crawling around, making sure to bring her mitten with her wherever she goes.  Too cute!  So funny what kids decide to choose as their Lovie!


  1. I'm glad you didn't wear it down the aisle. Although it would have fit for something old. Love You.

  2. My oldest carried a baster and a funnel around for months, slept with both of them and everything. Of all things!

  3. Too Funny! That couldn't have been too comfy to cuddle with!


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