Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ribbon Pacifier Clip

We had always heard the horror stories about trying to take the pacifier away from kids and how hard it is and all that.  So, we decided not to give our first born a pacifier.  Here we are almost eight years later making orthodontist appointments for her to get her first of two sets of braces due to the fact that she was a finger sucker.  No matter how hard it is to take away a paci, it is even harder to take away a child's fingers since they are attached to them wherever they go!  Needless to say, we gave our second daughter a paci as well as our third.  Not to say that they will always take it.  Our third daughter loves to play with her paci, but is still a finger sucker. 

If you do decide to give your child a paci, it will inevitably get lost.  So it is best to have a paci holder to minimize your losses.  It seems that there are not many options out there for cute and personalized ones in the stores.  However, they are pretty simple to make and possible to customize with the unlimited choices of ribbon out there. 

You will need a piece of 1" wide ribbon about 18 inches long, fashion fit clip, and a piece of skinny ribbon 8" long to match your wide ribbon.  Cut the clip away from the elastic that it comes attached to. 

Singe the ends of the wide ribbon to keep them from raveling.  Fold the wide piece of ribbon in half and slide the clip onto one side.  Hold the loose ends together with the clip at the opposite end.  Sew a seam across the ribbon, next to the clip.  This will keep the clip in place. 

Then sew along both edges of the ribbon leaving the other end open.  

Fold your skinny ribbon in half and slide the two ends into the open end of the wide ribbon.  The ribbon should extend out about 3 inches with an inch of each side tucked in.  Sew across the end, securing the skinny ribbon in place.  Sew over this a few times since there will be a lot of tugging on it.  These pacifier clips  can be used with the ones that have handles but also the ones without.  Simply slip the skinny ribbon through one of the holes, then put the clip end through the ribbon loop and pull. 

Always supervise your baby when using this pacifier clip.  If any of the seams get loose, do not use it!

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