Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sleeping Bag Party Invitations

For my daughter's eighth birthday, we decided to have a few friends over for a slumber party.  This will be her first sleepover, so it's going to be small, just a couple of girls.  She's very excited about it!

For the invites, I created an easy to make sleeping bag.  It takes just a little bit of felt and some cardstock.  Felt works great since it is easy to work with, cheap and it won't fray.

Cut a piece of felt 9 inches x 6 inches.  Cut a smaller piece from a contrasting color 2 inches x 1.5 inches.

Fold the large piece of felt in half.  Position the small piece where a pillow would go.  Pin the pillow in place.  Stitch around the outside either with your sewing machine or by hand. 

Now it's time to sew the sleeping bag.  Fold over the top corner as shown in the picture.  Start sewing right where you've folded down this corner.  This will help it stay folded down.  Sew down the side and then across the bottom.  I used a zig zag stitch in a contrasting color to give it a zipper look.  I added a dot of glue to help keep the folded piece down.

Next I used Word to create an invite person.  I inserted a Picture of my daughter.  If you don't have one of just the head, you can cut out the background when you cut out the invite.  Then insert a text box and position it right under the head.  Use this to add all the details for the party!  Print your invite on to cardstock.

Now, cut out your invite and slide it into the sleeping bag.  You can buy envelopes to fit these at a card or office supply store.  The girls can even play with the little sleeping bags later with their small dolls.


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