Friday, September 16, 2011

Slumber Party Cupcakes

For my daughter's eighth birthday, she is having a few friends over for her first sleepover!  She is beyond excited.  Since it was going to be small, I wanted to concentrate on the little details to make it special.  I'll have a few posts for slumber party ideas, so check them out. 

There were only a few girls going to be at the party, so I decided it would be better to make the girls cupcakes rather than a big cake.  My daughter, Emma, decided we would make little girls sleeping in beds.  This idea is very cute and very simple!

Emma picked the Funfetti flavored cupcakes.  I made the cupcakes from a box, but as soon as I feel like I'm not playing catch up I really want to make my cakes from scratch!!  So, after you bake your cupcakes, let them cool completely. 

The other things you will need will be little girl head cupcake toppers and Wilton sugar sheets.  I love the zebra print!  How fun and easy to add such personality to a cake or cupcakes.  I found both of these items at JoAnns.  You will also need your choice of frosting and large marshmallows.

Frost your cupcakes lightly.  Now cut your marshmallow in half, make two curved halves.  Place one of the halves on your cupcake towards the bottom. 

Next you will add your cupcake topper heads on top of the marshmallow bodies.  If you can't find these, you can create your own heads using Nilla wafers and frosting piped on.  Now you will take your sugar sheets out and use scissors to cut into blankets.  Mine measured 4 in x 2.5 in.  You will need to put another layer of frosting on the top and sides of the marshmallow in order to give the sugar sheet something to attach to.  Lay the sugar sheet on top.  It should not be moved after placing.  Serve soon or place in the fridge so that the cupcakes will set.



  1. oh my gets even better than the invites! How fun are these cupcakes...and seriously simple!

  2. I love these! I am not much of a baker, you make it seem so easy I want to give it a second chance!!

  3. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  4. The girls loved them and had fun playing with the heads after they were done eating.

  5. They were a big hit. The girls tried to find the cupcake that looked like them the best. Lots of fun.

  6. Where did you purchase the heads at

    1. I found the heads at JoAnn's in the cake decorating section.


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