Saturday, September 17, 2011

Slumber Party Pajama Favors

The party was a success!  The girls had a great time.  Maybe too great a time at 11 pm!  But they finally got some sleep and so did we. 

I remember my first sleepover.  My Mom made us all pjs out of mens t-shirts.  I've always liked to give a bigger favor, rather than the little cheap things that get thrown away soon after they get home.  Something they can actually use again.  I thought the pajamas would be the perfect favor.  Easy enough too!  Thanks for the idea Mom!

I bought a package of mens undershirts in size Large.  They were long enough to be nightgowns for the girls.  Plus the whole package was only $10.  You will also need ribbon and puffy paint.  Plan on using about a yard and a quarter of ribbon per shirt. 

Start by singeing the edge of your ribbon to keep it from unraveling.  Hold the edge of the ribbon near the flame of a lighter and it will seal itself as it melts just a little.  Start pinning the ribbon to the edge of the sleeve, starting at the underneath seam.  Pin in place around the sleeve.  Stitch the ribbon in place, backstitching when you start.  After stitching almost all the way around, cut the ribbon so that there is enough to just overlap your starting point.  Singe the end of the ribbon.  Continue sewing the ribbon in place, backstitching at the end.  Do the same for the other sleeve.

Now you will use your puffy fabric paint to write the guests names on their pajamas.  Make sure you put cardboard or some newspaper inside the shirt where you will be writing to keep it from soaking through to the back.  I freehanded this, but you could also use disappearing fabric pen and trace over it.  Check the bottle instructions for any special instructions.  Let dry.


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  1. These pajamas are so adorable! Thanks so much for linking up. Good luck in the contest!


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