Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

September 11, 2001

Where were you?  September 11th is one of those events where people know exactly where they were at the time it all happened. 

It was my one month wedding anniversary, a newlywed.  I was in downtown Orlando at a CPA office that I worked at.  I had not been there long, and was working on my computer.  One of the other girls at work said, "A plane just hit the World Trade Center!"  I remember being confused by this.  What do you mean a plane hit a building?  How does that happen?  Fifteen minutes later, when the second tower was hit, we knew it wasn't an accident.  We didn't have a tv, so we spent the morning searching for information on the internet.  Also trying to think of anyone we might know in that area and hoping that they were okay.

When I got home that night, my husband and I sepnt the night glued to the tv watching the unbelievable footage.  Beyond horrible and terrifying.  We cried and comforted each other.  It was almost unbelievable, like something from a movie.

A year later we took a vacation to Las Vegas to celebrate our one year anniversary.  The night we arrived, we planned to go out, but our plans were pushed back as we again watched these horrible images replayed.  It seemed we couldn't look away.  We just couldnt imagine being in that position.  We watched a documentary that showed different people's stories and their views of how it all happened.  So many heartbreaking, astonishing, and heroic stories from that day.

Here we are ten years later.  The images have not lost their power on our hearts.  It is such a sad and unnecessary event.  Brought on by just evilness.  The master mind of that evil is now gone, thanks to the many brave men and women that devote their lives to protecting all of ours!  We can not change that day, but we can continue to remember those we lost, celebrate the heroes that emerged, and grow stronger from all that we have been through.
We have been changed, our country has been changed, the world has been changed!

We will never forget!


  1. I was working at the Orlando Sentinel...first day back after a week in the Keys with my then "boyfriend" (now husband!). It was very surreal being in a conference room watching it all happen. I walked through the news room later that day and saw nothing but blank faces on all the reporters...

  2. What an interesting place to be, watching it unfold from the inside of the media. How hard it was to watch and feel so helpless!


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