Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Skull Centerpiece - Dollar Store Finds

Halloween is quickly approaching, but don't worry you still have time to transform your home into something fun and a bit scary!  This centerpiece would be perfect for a Halloween party or just to spookify your table or mantle!  The best part is that you can create it all on a budget!  Almost all of the items were purchased at the dollar store.  You will need a skull, creepy cloth, pack of 4 red candles, red fake flower, and a silver serving tray all of which I found at the dollar store.  I also used 4 votive candle holders, black and red spray paint, which I had on hand.

Spray paint your skull red.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this.  My flowers came in a bunch.  I pulled one of the flower blooms off its stem and trimmed the plastic piece on the back to make it flatter.  Spray paint your red candles and your flower black.

I just did a quick coat on the flower, letting some of the red to show through.  After it dries, use hot glue to add it to your skull.

Now it's time to arrange your centerpiece!  Lay your creepy cloth onto your tray, scrunching it up a bit.  Place your skull and candles in their holders on the tray.  When the candles are lit, they will drip their red wax, making them look like they are bleeding!
Have a fun and spooky Halloween!


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  1. Very cool, we just got this skull too, waiting for a coat of paint and glitter!


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