Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Wreath

Halloween is quickly approaching!  Don't worry, you still have time to decorate!  For inspiration I hit the dollar store.  Just because everything only costs a dollar, doesn't mean you can't spend too much there!  Oops!  We'll just say I have plenty of inspiration for crafts to come!

To welcome the trick-or-treaters, we were in need of a spooky Halloween Wreath!  Create your own in no time at all.  You will need a wreath form, bloody cloth, batting, spooky foam sign, scary skeleton, and severed fingers.  Ok, never thought I'd make a list like that!!

I found a grapevine type wreath so to make it a little thicker and smoother, I cut strips of batting and wrapped it around the form.  The batting clings to itself, but you can also hot glue it on if needed. 

My bloody cloth measured 30 x 72 inches.  My wreath was 13 inches in diameter.  Start wrapping your cloth around the wreath.  Depending on your wreath size, you may need a second cloth. 


 After you finish wrapping, hot glue the end.  If you have any pieces that are sticking out, they can easily be tucked in.  Now it is time to add your decorations!

The Dead Zone sign was foam so it was very light.  I used hot glue to attach it in the middle.  Then I added my skeleton and severed fingers to either side with hot glue. 

Finally, loop a piece of wide ribbon through the top of your wreath and tie to hang or you can use a wreath hanger.  Your wreath is ready to scare!


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