Friday, October 28, 2011

My Little LoveBug!!

My Little Love Bug!  She's ready for Halloween!  I made it with time to spare!  It seems like I've had so many projects that I've been working on that poor Lia's costume kept getting put off.  Really it wasn't difficult to make, so I don't know what took so long.  This costume is great for the one and under age group.  You can use a onesie as a base and since the wings are fabric, they can comfortably lay on them or easily crawl.  Although for a crawler, you will want to make the tutu pretty short.  

Since this blog was named in honor of my little love bugs, I figured I needed a mascot!  I'm not biased or anything, but I think I've got a pretty cute one!  ;-) 

To create a Love Bug costume, I made a simple tulle tutu.  Tie strips of red and black tulle onto a loop of elastic.  This looks so cute and can be made in any color for any holiday.  Great for pictures!

To make the wings, draw a half of a heart on a folded piece of paper.  Cut it out and use this as one side of your wings.  Fold your wing material in half.  Place the heart on the material with the point on your fold.  Measure two inches out from your point in both directions and draw a line up to the edge of the heart with fabric chalk.  Pin the heart pattern in place.  Cut up the chalk marks and around the heart.  Use this to cut out another set of wings in another coordinating fabric as well as in a stiff interfacing.  

Place the front and back of your wings, right sides together.  Add the interfacing to one side and pin all three pieces together.  Sew around the edge, leaving about 4 inches in the middle section open.  Trim the edges, close to your seam.  Turn the wings, right side out.  Press and topstitch around the edge, making sure to close the opening on the middle section.

Pin your wings to the top back of a onesie.  Sew the middle square, attaching your wings to the garment. 

I cut a heart out of my polka dot material and used iron-on fusible material to attach it to the front of the onesie.  I sewed around the edge of the heart with red thread for an extra detail.

You could always add a headband with cute little heart antennae, but my love bug wouldn't have that!  I was able to sneak a couple of corker ribbon bows on her without her noticing, so they lasted for a little while. 



  1. That costume is so cute and so is your little girl. Have fun trick or treating together. I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from

  2. That is SOOO precious!! Did you link it up at my party yet?

  3. Very cute costume!! Love it! Your tot is stink cute too! I would love for you to link up at my TGIF Linky Party =-)

  4. What a cute costume! I'm your newest follower!
    Briana @

  5. This looks like a very easy and much more doable version of one I saw on Pinterest and Etsy. The child's version was many layers of tulle, gathered and sewn to a wide silk ribbon and tied with a silk bow. It was shown as a flower girl dress. She also had a floor length adult version, made from many layers of black tulle sewn onto a wide black satin ribbon and tied with a black bow. It was paired with a black leotard and a black witches' hat - perfect for a Halloween witch. I'd have more fun doing yours, plus with the elastic, it wouldn't require such an exact fit.

    I've pinned a few of your tutorials on my crafts board and your blog on my board "Blogs I Like", or something like that.

    1. This is definitely simple and could be tweaked to be made so many different ways for different costumes. I've made myself one that my girls have been able to wear as well, so it is nice to have the elastic for versatility.


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