Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Blog Button & a Free Button from One Artsy Mama

I am pretty new to the blogging world.  I'm still getting used to all the ins and outs.  Trying to get my ideas out there to share with the world.  This weekend I was lucky enough to get a little advice and help from someone that was once in my position.  Congrats to Amy from One Artsy Mama who just surpassed the 500 followers mark!  She was kind enough to offer help to anyone that had fewer than 500 followers.  I was very happy to accept any help that I could get.  What a sweet person!  She checked out my blog and offered some suggestions on it.  One of her recommendations was to create a blog button.  I had been considering this for a while and then just got busy and kind of forgot about it.  I had already created a little logo that I've used some, so it was easy to just add a border to make it more button like. 

Love Bug Living

I'm pretty happy with how it turned. out!  What do you think?  Feel free to share it on your blog! ;-)  Still pretty new, but having fun making my way!
Amy also wanted to share this awesome button with all of her friends and followers!  How cute!  If you believe, "The best thing about blogging is making friends!" then feel free to share this button on your site.


Check out her site at  You can get a free 5 x7 printable version of this button  HERE!  Thanks again Amy and Congrats!

To win an adorable Piece of Jewelry from One Artsy Mama's Etsy site, check out this Giveaway at Mama Pea Pod!!

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  1. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Blogging is definitely a great way to 'meet' new friends. Your button is very cute, well done!


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