Monday, October 3, 2011

Reversible Superhero Cape

What kid doesn't want to be a superhero?  Whether it is SuperMan or a Super Princess, all a child needs is a cape to help them fly! 

My nephew just turned 3 years old.  The perfect age for imagination and pretend play.  I figured a cape would be a perfect gift!  I think it turned out great and I think he liked it since he wanted to try it on as soon as he saw it.

You will need 3/4 yard of 2 different coordinating cotton materials.  I used snuggle flannel since it was on sale.  You will also need a small piece of felt, sew on velcro, chalk or fabric pencil, and sewable heat and bond adhesive.

Begin by opening up your fabric and folding it in half the opposite way.  Lay it out on a table and use chalk to mark out your cape. 

Use the fold as the middle of the cape and draw out one side.  When it is cut out both sides will then be the same.  Here are my basic measurements.  The width measured 13" across (26" when opened), 23" from the neck down the the bottom, and about 7" from the neck up to the straps.  Use this to sketch out your pattern.  Round your corners at the bottom edge.  After sketching it out, cut out your first side of the cape. 
You can adjust these measurements according to your child's age and the length of the cape you want.  If this is for an older child or you want a long cape, you may want to get a yard instead of 3/4 yd of each fabric. 

Place your first side on to the fabric for the other side.  Trace and cut it out.  Now you will need to cut out your symbols.  You can do a google search for images of your letter, stars, lightning bolts, a crown, or whatever your child is into.  Bing has an image search tab.  Here is where I found stars.  Print out your symbol and cut it out.  Use this as a pattern to cut out your symbol in felt and the Heat n Bond adhesive.  Follow the manufacturer's directions to bond your felt symbol to your cape.  I chose the letter B for one side and a star for the other side.  After bonding, stitch around your symbol.  I did a straight stitch around the edge on the star and a zig zag stitch around the letter.

Now you will need to pin your front and back pieces together, right sides together.  Sew around the edges with 1/4" seam allowance.  Sew around the straps, but leave the top of the cape by the neck open.  You will need this space to turn your cape right side out. 

Before turning right side out, cut notches in the ends of the straps.  Cut triangles out of the seam allowance, but do not cut through your seam.  This will help the straps lay flatter after turning them right side out.  Turn the cape right side out and press.  Topstitch around the entire edge of the cape, making sure the neck area is folded in and stitched closed this time. 

Cut a piece of sew-on velcro 3 inches long.  Lay your shoulder straps out one overlapping the other as if they are attached.  Pin your velcro pieces on either side of the straps, where you want them placed.  Sew the velcro on down all four sides to make sure it is secure.

Your child is now ready to soar!  Ava is testing out the cape for her nephew.

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