Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spider Pom Pom Hair Clips

It's Halloween!  What kind of holiday would it be if we didn't have a themed hair clip?!  This little spider is super cute and not so spooky.

You will need a hair clip, black ribbon to cover the clip, metallic ric rac, a black pom pom (1 1/2 inch), and 2 googly eyes.

Start by using hot glue to cover your hair clip.  Starting on the bottom, glue the ribbon near the hinge, over the top, and then underneath the top of the clip.  My clip has some teeth but if yours doesn't, using grosgrain ribbon gives it a little grip. 

Determine how long you want your spider legs.  Criss cross two pieces of your ric rac or ribbon and hot glue in place. 

Glue your third piece straight across the middle.

Glue on your pom pom and then add your google eyes.

Cute little hair clip, but it can also be used to clip on a shirt, onto a spider web or on a Halloween wreath. 

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