Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Nursery in Pink & Orange

With the birth of our third daughter, we decided that we wanted to go with a non-traditional nursery.  Nothing too crazy, just not the traditional pink everything!  Our older girls had already had a pink room and a purple playroom.  So we were looking for something different.

When I was pregnant, we must have really been in the nesting mood.  I think we changed or updated almost every room in our house!  We updated our front entry, moving a buffet table and adding much needed bookshelves.  In the master bedrooom, we changed out our red accents for a deeper eggplant.  In the family room we sold our old couch and chaise and replaced it with a leather sectional.  We made our old office into a playroom/guest room/office.  Our older girls share a room, so they got new bunk beds and a bit of a beachy theme update.  The purple playroom was now going to be the baby's room.

Our inspiration started with an orange chair we found at a second hand furniture store.  It had a modern yet retro look that we really liked.  It wasn't a rocker, but did move in a small bouncy motion since it had springs.  Orange wouldn't have been our first choice, but we could work with it.  I don't yet have the confidence to recover it, but that will be on my future to do list. 

We spent a lot of time looking for baby bedding that had orange in it, but still looked somewhat girly.  Easier said than done.  We found some very high end sets, but I really wasn't sure I wanted a set.  You aren't even supposed to use the comforter for the baby.  I had also read reports about bumper pads being unsafe.  So, I decided to make our bedding. 

We were lucky enough to find a fabric that we both liked.  It had an Asian feel to it with brown, pink, orange, and gold.  I ended up sewing a crib skirt and valance panel, adding pink and white polka dot material and white ball trim accents.  It was easy enough to find sheets that matched and a pink mesh breathable bumper.  I also sewed a small blanket for the back of the chair and a boppy pillow cover using pink ric rac around the edges of both to match the crib bedding. 

We were able to find the baby’s dresser on Craigslist and a changing table at Goodwill.  We already had a two cubby shelving unit we were going to use next to the chair, adding fabric bins.  To make all of the pieces match, my husband used a paint sprayer to paint them all a dark brown. 

We painted the walls a silver color.  The paint store also had special gold glitter that we added to the paint that gave it a little sparkle.  It is subtle, but a fun accent.  We found some of our accessories at Ikea including a chandelier, flower wall lamp, and a long shelving unit for under the window.  We also found some accessories at Hobby Lobby including the lightswitch cover and pink metal flowers.  The mirror above the dresser was a garage sale find that we painted to match.  To make your own Belly Canvas, check out my Tutorial!



  1. Hi, lovely Nursery! I didn't want a 'traditional' nursery for my little girl either - so we went for fresh green and bright pink, it is a colour scheme that has grown with her! Thanks for following me - I am now your newest follower! x

  2. Very Cute! I love orange too!
    Patty @ Our Adventures in Big Ole Texas

  3. So cute!! I love that bedding!

    new follower here via the blog hop

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