Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Season is Here!

Thanksgiving is over and we are officially on to Christmas season!  Did you do any Black Friday shopping?  There wasn't really anything in the ads that we wanted to wake up at 4am for, but I couldn't pass up the shopping experience.  Instead of waking up early, I dragged my husband out on Thanksgiving night to shop at the outlets.  We got there at 11pm and didn't get home until after 4am.  I was in my element!  We found some good deals, and I was glad we went.  I think even my husband had fun going out together since my parents kept the kids at home.  We will take a date night however we can get it!  I could have kept going and wanted to stop at the mall to see my sister, who had to be at work at Books a Million at 3:30am.  But I felt bad for my snoring husband in the passenger seat, so we just headed home to get some sleep. 

After shopping, the next step towards Christmas is the decorating.  My kids couldn't wait to start decorating.  As soon as we got back from my parent's house, they had my husband up in the attic to pull down all of our decoration bins.  It actually all went up pretty easily.  After my husband had the tree up, the kids were in charge of the ornaments.  I made sure they put all the breakable ones up high since my little one is just the right age to explore and pull down the low ones. 

While they were busy with that, I put up the small white tree in the family room.  I decorate it with teal and black ornaments and call it my Jags tree in honor of the Jacksonville Jags! 

I guess my stool barrier isn't really keeping her away from the tree!

The girls finished with our big tree and decorated their mini pink tree in their room.  I think every room in our house has some kind of little Christmas tree in it!  Even the bathroom has it's only tiny tree on the countertop!  It really didn't take too long to get everything up though.  We didn't put everything out, just the stuff that meant the most.  Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty festive in here!  I just wanted to make this year a bit more simple.  Not every ornament has to be out, not every decoration has to be hung, not everything has to be perfect!  At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself.  I always get so stressed out during this time of year.  I want to make so many gifts and there is always so much to do.  Every weekend is already booked up until Christmas.  This year has a bit more in it since we are also adding a 1 year old's birthday party to the mix as well.  My husband doesn't understand why I do this to myself.  I just enjoy making these things, but I just always seem to have too many projects and run out of time.  So, I'm trying to stress less and enjoy more!  We'll see how that goes!  Especially since I've already told my middle daughter I would make her a quilt for Christmas, along with the list of 30 other things on my list!  Probably not a good idea since I'm more of a beginner quilter.  At least I have until the end of January for her birthday if it comes to that. :-)

***Disclaimer to Family & Friends - The posts to come this month might just be your Christmas gift, so act surprised when you open it!  Also, if you see something that I've made that you would like to receive as a gift, let me know.  ;-)

After decorating, the kids were most excited about the return of our Elf on the Shelf, Holly!  Last night they set out some gifts and a note for her.  This morning they found her with her new boots on swinging on the snowflake with her new purse!

Even if you are trying to keep things simple, you can still have a beautifully decorated home.  Here are just a couple of ideas to inspire you!

Place a mini tree on a beautiful tray and use it as a centerpiece on a table.  You can even add some of your smaller gifts that tend to get lost under the tree.

Just as you would with other home decor, group your decorations together.  This is on top of an armoire in my living room.

Wrap up a couple of empty boxes to use as a centerpiece on a coffee table.  I used a formula canister and tissue boxes and placed one of them on a candle pillar to add some height.

Incorporate your everyday decor into your holiday decorating.  I added lights and silver balls to the bowl of wood pinecones that are always out in my living room.  Red feather boas and a wreath add to the festive atmosphere.  See the colored ornament balls in the wall sconces?  It's a small, but fun touch.  Have fun decorating!

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  1. Sounds like yall had a great Thanksgiving. Jealous that you got out and shopped.. I would have been in my element too!

    Your tree is so pretty and I love all your Christmas touches too :)


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