Monday, November 14, 2011

Hanging Kitchen Towel

If your house is anything like mine, the towels are never around when you need them. We seem to have the same problem in our bathroom.  I've previously posted about our bathroom hanging towels using a washcloth and ribbon.  Now I have a kitchen version so that your towels won't end up on the floor or wherever else they disappear to!

You will need a kitchen towel and 1/4 yard of coordinating cotton fabric. 

Fold your material in half long ways with right sides together and pin.  Determine how long you want your tie to be.  It will be longer if you want to tie a bow and a bit shorter if you just want a knot.  Trim off one end to your desired length.  Mine was about 36" long.  Sew across one short side and your open long side.  Then turn your tube right sides out.  Tuck your raw edges in and topstitch around all four sides

Now take your towel and determine the center.  I decided to sew my tie on to the towel slightly off center so that the front would hang a little longer than the back when the towel was hanging.  Either fold or scrunch your towel in the middle and match up the center of your tie to the scrunched up section of your towel.  Hard to explain, but I hope the picture helps. 

Sew your tie onto the towel with a straight seam across.  I went over mine a couple of times so it could handle any extra tugging it might get.

Now simply tie it onto your cabinet, drawer, oven, or fridge.  So easy to match any kitchen decor!  Plus you could have different ones for every season!

These would make great gifts for the foodie in your life!

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  1. So cute Melissa!! Love it. Better than the crochet top ones that have a button to hang it.

  2. I grew up with towels with ties and I miss them! You always know there will be a towel you can dry your hand on.


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