Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project {Dollar Store} Accessory Challenge - Shopping Trip

Have you heard of the new show Project Accessory?  It is the new sister show of Project Runway.  Well, Dollar Store Crafts has issued a challenge!  And this is my kind of challenge!

You are to shop at a Thrift Store with a $10 limit (before tax).  With the treasures you find, you will need to make a necklace, a belt, and an accessory of your choice.  We have until this Friday to finish our look.  Pair your creations with jeans and a white T.

I was so excited to go shopping, but it was not as easy as I thought it would be.  Glad I had more than 15 minutes like the contestants on the show!  Of course they didn't have a loud 10 month old with them either.

Here is what I found!

Scarf  - 0.99 (not going to use as a scarf)
Placemat - 0.49
Belt - 0.99 (not going to use as a belt)
Beads - 0.99
Dog Chain - 1.99
Tie - 0.99
Ribbon Belt - 1.99 (Also, not going to use as a belt)
Pillowcase - 0.99
Total = $9.42 + tax

Not sure if I'm going to use it all, but I have plenty to choose from!  You can use some embellishments from your own stash, but the thrift store finds should be 75% of your look. 

I have to say that one of the rules of thrift store shopping is if you are thinking about buying something, don't put it down!  I saw a pack of red Christmas beads that I was thinking about using, but I wasn't sure.  I set them down only to go back later and they were gone.  After searching around I found this bag of colored beads instead, but that doesn't usually happen.  Funny thing is now I don't even know if I'm going to use them for this project.  Oh well, we will see!

Join in the fun and see what you can create!  Check back later to see what I've come up with!

To see the full details go to Dollar Store Crafts!


  1. Oh cool! I can't wait to see what you make. I need to work on my projects! Be sure to keep us updated! you can email me at heather at

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