Friday, November 4, 2011

Project {Dollar Store} Accessory Challenge Complete!

Last week Dollar Store Crafts issued a challenge based on the new tv series Project Accessory!  With $10 to spend at a thrift store, you were to creat a necklace, a belt, and an accessory of your choice to pair with jeans and a white T. 

This sounded like so much fun to me.  I couldn't wait to go shopping.  I bought a printed pillowcase, a scarf, a placemat, 2 different belts, a men's tie, a choker chain dog collar, and Christmas bead garland.  To see what I spent on everything, check out my shopping post.

The first piece I found was the blue and brown printed pillowcase.  I loved this print and decided to use this to inspire my look.  The belt was a little tougher for me.  I didn't want to just repurpose an old belt, but to create one out of something unexpected.  I didn't find a piece of clothing in a material that I wanted in a price range that I could afford, so I decided to go a different way.  For the necklace, there were so many options, so I decided to buy the things I liked, and create as I went.  I really wanted these items to reflect my style and not just look like a kids art project.  My style is a little casual and simple, so I wanted the pieces to be items that I would actually wear.

For the accessory of my choice, I chose to create a purse.  The items I used to create it were the pillowcase, the woven belt, the tie, and the placemat.  I love the geometric pattern, so cute!  Plus I like how the different items came together to make this look. 

For the necklace, I used the choker chain and the ribbon belt.  I used some lace and a small silver button I had on hand to create the accent flower.  This was actually the first lace flower that I've made and I'm happy with how it turned out.  I was very happy to find the choker chain.  I love the look of thicker chains, and thought it was cute to combine the soft fabric belt with the more industrial look of the chain.  The flower just gave it a little more detail.

The belt was the easiest project.  I found this cute chunky knit scarf.  By simply adding a button, it became a little more versatile.  Adjust the belt to your size and simply button into the knit.  No need for a button hole!  Button it up and it can still be thrown on as a scarf too!

I had so many cute items left, that I didn't want to stop with just three accessories!  I ended up making two more simple projects. 

The first of my extra accessories is this simple fabric headband.  I had just enough of the cream belt left to create it.  I tucked the ends in, making them into a point, sewing the ends closed.  Then I tied it onto my head in place to see what size I needed to make it.  After removing it, I sewed a small piece of elastic that would be at the base of the neck, above where the ties would be. 

My final accessory is a blue bead and ribbon bracelet with a silver button clasp.  These beads came from the Christmas garland and I used a brown ribbon and a button I had on hand.  I did a double strand bracelet with the ribbon tied between each bead.

I still have a bunch of wood beads, part of a tie, a bit of printed pillowcase material, and some D rings left.  Maybe I'll have to come up with something else soon!  But for now, I'm very happy with all of the items that I created.   


  1. Oh my goodness, YOU DID AMAZING! I can't believe you created all of that with $10 and items from the thrift store. I am sooooo impressed!

  2. All of the colors and the textures on the bag work very well together and I love the scarf turned into a belt idea and going to be on the lookout for a scarf to make one too.

  3. I loved reading this post!! You are super creative and stylish!! I am so going to have to give this a try sometime!!

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