Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dictionary & Seashell Pendant

My husband and I took a woderful vacation this summer to Palm Island to celebrate our ten year anniversary.  It is such a beautiful beach with so many great shells and treasures to find.  The best part is that it is never crowded!  The only way on to the island is on a car ferry, so there are usually only home owners and condo renters.  It was the perfect place for a peaceful weekend.  We spent our time relaxing and walking the beaches.  I came home with so many great shells and tons of sharks teeth.  I used some of them in Shell Displays.  Now I have another project to use the tiny teasures we found.

You will need Mod Podge, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, a toothpick, a bezel, tiny shells or other decorations and an old dictionary that you can cut up.  I found mine at Goodwill for $.69.  Since I wanted to use my seashells, I decided to use the word Sea and its definition for the background of my pendant.  Cut out your word to fit into your setting.  I used mod podge to keep it in place.  You can seal the top of your paper with mod podge as well.  Allow to dry. 

Place your seashells in place where you would like them to be.  Squeeze the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic around your items, filling up the space.  Once it is filled, use the toothpick to move the seashells back into position in case they have moved.  Use the toothpick or a pin to pop any bubbles you might have.  Allow to dry completely.  If your setting is very deep, make sure you leave extra time for it to dry. 

What a great memento of our 10 Year Anniversary!

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