Friday, December 30, 2011

Gift Card Holder

This Christmas my husband and I received a gift card from some of our family.  We love to get gift cards!  You can always get exactly what you need.  Plus, I love to shop and what's better than shopping with free money!  But the cutest part of the gift was the little card holder it was in!  So cute that I had to figure out how to make one and share it with you!

You will need a piece of scrapbook paper 6" x 8".  Double sided paper works best, but you may be able to use one sided paper or even use a glue stick to put two pieces together.

Fold your piece of paper so that the two shorter sides are now meeting.  Your paper should now measure 6" x 4" and your opening will be on the left.

Now fold the bottom of your paper up to meet the top.

You will now have four pieces of paper in your fold.  Take the very front piece of paper and fold the corner down to where it meets the fold on the inside.

Take your second piece of paper and fold a smaller piece of corner backwards.  This is the white piece. 

You can use a glue stick to glue the back two pieces of paper together to keep them a little more sturdy if you like.  Wrap a piece of ribbon around the right side of the paper to keep them all together.  Glue it in place all the way around.  I tied a knot in my ribbon beforehand to give it a little detail. 

Your gift card holder is now ready to go!  Slide your tag in the front slot and slide your gift card into the back slot!  Customize your paper to match the occasion!

This is the gift card holder we received.  Isn't it cute!  So simple and quick to make!

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  1. What a great idea! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy!

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