Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Magnetic Chalkboard Trays

These trays are such a versatile and easy craft!  They can be used by everyone in your family!  Hang them in the kitchen for the dinner menu or daily reminders.  Hang it by the phone for a message board.  Keep track of all the family activities planned for the day.  Let the kids use them to help with homework.  Or take them on the go for a fun car or dinner table activity. 

All you need is a metal tray, tape, and chalkboard paint.  I found these trays at the Dollar Store!  I checked to make sure they were magnetic before I bought them. 

Simply tape off the edges of the tray that you want to keep silver. 

Spray paint the middle of the tray with your chalkboard paint.  Follow the directions on the can.  Be sure to do multiple light coats in opposite directions.  Allow to dry completely.

You can now use your trays for magnets or chalk!  I found magnetic letters and numbers at Walmart. 

The round tray is great for kids to practice their clock reading skills.
So simple and quite useful!

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