Monday, January 2, 2012

The Gift of Fun!

Sometimes the best gift isn't actually a thing, but an experience!

Our girls have been wanting to try the Zoom Air course at the Central Florida Zoo for a while now.  So when we saw the Groupon deal for a kids pass, we had to get the deal!  If you haven't heard of Groupon, it is a deal of the day website for local and national deals.   You can sign up for e-mails to see the deals in your area. 

Since we were buying the passes, we figured they would be a great Christmas gift.  Our girls seem to have all the toys they need.  When we go to the store, there's not one thing they really want, they just want everything.  We don't even have room for new toys, so an experience like Zoom Air was perfect.  It was something the girls had been really wanting to do, it didn't take up any more room in our house, and it would be a fun family experience.

The Zoom Air course is an obstacle course and zipline.  They have a couple of big courses for the adults and then also one especially for the kids.  The girls started slower, getting a hang of the clips and how they work.  Soon they were pros!

Our littlest Love Bug watched her big sisters from Dad's shoulders.  She had the best view!

Everyone had a great time.  It was perfect weather and we came at a perfect time.  I guess it had been pretty busy with school being out, but there was hardly anyone else on the course when the girls were out there.   

After taking the girls, Mom and Dad really can't wait to go back on their own so that they can try the big courses! 

I have really found that experiences can make the best gifts.  I still remember the dinner and Orlando Magic game tickets I got for my husband for his birthday one year.  We were given season passes to a local theme park one year.  That's a whole year of experiences!  We've also done Circus tickets, museum passes, and zoo passes.  My kids got to go paint pottery as a gift experience this year.  They had a lot of fun, time spent with loved ones, plus a souvenir to keep from their day.  Another option is theatre passes.  Our local repertory theatre has season passes as well.  Let's not forget the awesome couple's massage my husband got for his birthday that I got to share with him!

Experiences are great gifts for your kids, or even another family.  Check out what's available in your area.

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