Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

She's not a little girl anymore.  When did that happen?  She's definitely a young lady!

She's the sweetest sister.  Always willing to give up something of hers if it will make one of her sisters happy.  She's a little mommy to her baby sister.  Always willing to play with her and helping out with feeding and caring for her. 

Always willing to help out around the house, but not too keen on cleaning her own room.  She's outgoing, always ready to play and meet new friends. 

We celebrated this past weekend with a trip to Sea World and then dinner at T-Rex Cafe!
More fun to come with cupcakes at school and dinner at Kobe for Japanese food!
And Don't Forget the Presents!  Her favorite part!

Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Girl!
We Love to watch you grow!

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