Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recycle those Christmas Cards!

Christmas is over.  Now comes the depressing part of taking down all of the decorations and packing them away for another year.  Doesn't the house look bare without them?  Now, what do you do with all of those thoughtful Holiday cards you received? 

I have a photo box in one of my closets that I throw all of the photo cards in.  I'm sure one day in the future I will love to look back on all of the cards and see how the kids have grown through the years.  Now, how about the non-photo cards?  So many pretty pictures and inspirational sayings, there has to be some way to recycle them!  Here are some of the ideas I came up with!

Gift Boxes

Simply cut your card to fit the top of a small box and glue on.  No need to wrap!  A cute and festive box is all ready to be given.  Just add your gift!


Cut a piece of your card 1" wide.  It will still have a front and a back connected at the fold.  You can use this to fold over a book page.  I added strips of magnets (cut from a free promotional magnet) to the inside front and back towards the bottom of the piece.  That way the bookmark attaches to itself through the page and will stay in place better.

Scrapbook Embellishments

Scrapbooking embellishments can get kind of pricey!  Use pieces of your cards, including the wording inside to decorate your Christmas album.  This card created a great frame for a scrapbook page, as well as a great saying to add. 

Christmas Cards

Why not get a jump on next year?  Cut out pieces of your cards and glue them on to blank notecards to use as next year's Christmas cards.  Everyone will get a different card that has been specially made just for them.

Gift Bags

Cut your cards to fit and glue on to a brown paper or blank colored bag.  Another way to easily wrap gifts!  Fold over the top, punch two holes, thread through a ribbon, tie a bow and your gift is ready!

Gift Tags

You can never have too many gift tags!  Simply cut your cards into small pieces, punch a hole and tie on to your gift with a piece of ribbon.  You can use the pictures, sayings, or even the colored blank spaces.


This ornament was made with 3 strips of card.  I used brads to attach the pieces at the top and bottom.  I used embroidery floss tied around the top brad for the hanger.

To make this 3D ball, cut four circles out of your card.  Fold all four pieces in half.  Glue the backside of one half to the blank side of a second half.  Do the same with the other two pieces.  Glue a piece of ribbon to the backside of one of the pieces and then glue the two halves together.


To make a postcard, simply cut off the front of a card.  Use the back side to jot a quick note.  Add the address and a stamp and it is ready to mail!

Dollhouse cards & Photos

Don't forget to check the back of your cards.  Many of them have tiny photos that can also be great to use.  Cut one to make a mini card of even a dollhouse magazine or even a photo to hang on the wall.  Your kids will love to have their own mini cards for their dolls.

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  1. Great ideas! I have used cards as gift tags before, but love the rest of your ideas, too.

  2. Thanks! Wonder full ides. I will try some

  3. Those are some seriously great ideas, Melissa! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  4. What great ideas!

    Thanks for your comment at Reading Confetti!

  5. Love these ideas. Love to make things out of materials I already have!!


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