Thursday, February 2, 2012

Resolutions Giveaway!

We've almost made it through the month of January! 

How are you doing on  your New Year's Resolutions?

I feel like I've really been making process, at least on updating my blog.
It wasn't easy.  All the easy ways to update your blog just didn't seem to be working.  My header wouldn't save.  My background was too large or kept having an error.  I really don't know much about html.  After searching for help online and every other place I could find it, and tons of trial and error I was able to figure most of it.  I changed my background, added a new header and changed the font style.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 
If you have any suggestions or comments about the new look, let me know.

How about your resolutions?  This is the time when it starts getting tougher to keep up with them.
So many people resolve to start working out more in the new year.  I've made this same promise to myself.  I've been keeping up with my schedule, not counting the times I've had to deal with a sick baby.  But I've always gotten back on track afterwards.  I think having friends to work out with is the best way to keep yourself going.  It definitely is easier to show up if you know someone is there waiting for you and will be going through it all with you. 

I have a friend who said she likes to buy herself a new workout top to help motivate herself to go to the gym.  I can see some logic in this theory.  If you buy a new shirt, you want to wear it.  If you're going to wear a workout shirt, you need to work out in it.  New shirt, motivation to workout!

In honor of this new shirt theory, I would like to giveaway a Run Fierce shirt to help motivate one of you to get out and sweat!  Whether it's running a marathon, going for a walk, or just playing with your kids, moving is the key! 

Run Fierce is an online store that sells running shirts, visors, totes, and T's.  I was inspired to create it by a group of women that began running together and through sweat and sometimes tears, formed an awesome group of friends that do a lot more than just run together. 

Run Fierce encourages all men, women, and children to live a Fierce and Healthy Lifestyle!

Children look to their parents as an example.  Don't you want to be a healthy example?!
Check out all of the fun shirts at

Now for the giveaway! 
One lucky winner will Win this Fierce & Fabulous T! 

Rafflecopter will walk you through the entry process.  Just wait for it to load.
Sorry, but this giveaway is open to US readers only.
Have fun and good luck!

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Congrats to our winner, Katie!!

Seven Alive

One Artsy Mama


  1. Stumbled upon your great blog and just wanted to leave a comment to invite you to visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY! Hope to see you soon =)
    Just Tututiny

  2. I love the Run Fierce Notepad, to let your loved ones know where you are when to expect them!! So smart!


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