Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't want to lose you!

So Google Friend Connect is gone for non Bloggers! 

I don't want to lose touch with you! 

Don't worry, there are other ways for us to keep in touch!

I'm really liking Bloglovin!  It has an easy to follow setup and you can put the blogs you read in different categories to organize them.  Pictures next to the blogs give a peek at the post before you click on it.  Definitely worth checking out!
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I'm also on Facebook!
I like to post links to my blog posts there so you can keep up.

I also post links to my blog on Twitter!

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, now is the time!
It's a virtual pinboard where you can keep pictures of all your favorite things.  I use it to keep ideas for recipes and crafts to do in the future.  So many ideas, so little time!

Another way people have been choosing to follow their favorite blogs is Linky Followers!

Want to get more bloglovin followers?  Check out this blog hop!

What is your favorite way to follow your favorite blogs?  Whatever it is, I'd love for you to keep following along in my crafting journey!


  1. I'm loving bloglovin'!! I'm hosting a bloglovin blog hop over at and I'd love it if you would link up and join in. It's open until Sunday so if you get a chance stop on over.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Blissful and Domestics Blog Hop. I am of course following your cute blog and am now catching up on your bloggy cuteness here. I hope you will come back this week and link up again:>

  3. Hi there, I found you on the Bloglovin Blog hop and I'm now following you. Loving your site! I would love it if you hopped over to my page and followed me too
    Thank you, Janelle @ Emmaline

  4. Following you from the Sunday Blog Hop!

  5. Found you through the Sunday Blog Hop! Following via GFC and Linky Followers! Would love if you would follow me back!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.


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