Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiffany Inspired Lock Necklace

Every week I get the Tiffany & Co. e-mail in my inbox.  Not really sure how I got on their e-mail list, but I always like to window shop and dream a bit.  I love their silver collection.  My sweet hubby bought me one of their silver sun necklaces for my birthday one year.  One of my favs!

One week I got an e-mail with an adorable silver lock necklace.  It's not just silver, one had red accent and another light blue.  I love recreating looks for less, especially when you can make them with stuff you already have around your house.


Isn't this Necklace so cute!

The lock on my daughter's diary was just the perfect size for this necklace.  It's small and pretty plain as well.  My daughter is six, so her diary has more doodles than juicy secrets, so she was sweet enough to let me have her lock.  She is always happy to share with people, as long as its not sweets that is! 

To give the lock some color, I had the perfect color puffy paint.  The squeeze bottle of the paint made it easy to paint the small lock and it gave it a little dimension as well.  I let the first coat dry, but decided I didn't make it thick enough, so added a second coat.  If your lock looks okay after one coat, there is no need for a second coat.

The inspiration necklace had a little key hole.  My lock was looking a little plain, so I added some bling to make it look like my own little key hole.  I had a tiny jewel that I glued with E6000 on to the front of my lock.  To finish the lock, I painted over the color and tiny jewel with mod podge to help seal it.

After the mod podge dries, you are ready to add your lock to a chain!  Such a fun necklace with just a pop of color.  Wear it alone or layer it with other chains.

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  1. That's very cute. I love me some Tiffany & Co too ;)

  2. Such a cute idea I love Tiffany & Co but they are way out of my price range!


  3. How cute!! I love the color.. very Tiffanys :)

  4. I adore it! I love everything about it. The color is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays and for joining in the bloglovin blog hop. I'm following bloglovin, gfc, twitter and facebook. Whew!

  5. That looks fantastic, Melissa!! Great job! I love your new header too. Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

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