Friday, March 30, 2012

TuTu Easter Basket

Not too long ago a friend had texted me a picture of an adorable TuTu Easter Basket that she had found.  She knows that I love to make tutus, so that I might be interested in making one for an Easter basket. 

I love how the basket turned out.  It's such a fun, girly basket and simple enough for anyone to make!
You will need:
an Easter basket (it must have hard sides that elastic will fit around)
a length of elastic
Tulle in your favorite colors

I had picked up this cute little Easter basket in an after Easter sale at Target.  I believe it was like 90% or something like that.  I love to pick these baskets up for such great prices.  They can be great for any kind of gifts filled for birthdays, baby showers, homewarmings, or just about anything.  Depending on what you fill it with, it can be made to suit any occasion.

To turn this into a Tutu Easter Basket, I simply cut a piece of 1/2" elastic to fit around the top edge.  I kept it together with a safety pin.  You could also sew the ends closed, but this way you can adjust the size and keep it for a kids play tutu after Easter is over!

Cut your tulle into strips.  Mine were about 12" long and 4" wide.  I used purple, pink, and blue.  The amount you need depends on how big your basket is and how fluffy you want your tutu to be.  This is my least favorite step.  I buy the tulle on the bolt and then fold it and cut it into 4" strips.  Then I will open it and cut the strips to the length I want.  It is definitely easier to buy the tulle on the 6" spool and just cut it to length, but it is also more expensive this way.

After you have a good pile of strips, simply double knot the strips onto your piece of elastic.  I started with my purple tulle, spacing them out.  Then I went back and filled in between the purple with my pink and blue strips.

Continue tying on strips until your tutu is as fluffy as you would like it.  Slip it onto the top of your basket and you are ready to go hunting for eggs!  Happy Easter!

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  1. love everything about this basket!!
    Happy Easter!

  2. LOVE IT! I pinned it! Thank you so much for sharing this at Whimsy Wednesdays! If you get a chance stop back over to enter the giveaway.

  3. That is the MOST ADORABLE Easter basket! I wish my girls were still small, I'd love to make one of these!


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