Friday, April 13, 2012

Infinity Necklace

I'm loving all of the Infinity Necklaces that I've seen everywhere lately.  So cute and I love how it represents a forever love.  Love them, but not exactly what I need to run out and buy right now.  So I figured I'd give it a try making one. 

The thing about an infinity is that it has no end and no beginning, just all one piece.  I'm sure I could do something like that with wire.  I might actually try and come up with something like that since I just found some dark pink wire that I didn't know I had.  But for this necklace, I went a different way.  It would have that infinity look, but not be one piece. 

I found these copper O rings at JoAnns.  They had them in a ton of colors so you would have plenty of choices.  I wanted to go with a two tone metal look with silver and copper.  Using my long nose pliers, I linked two of my copper O rings together.  In order for them to stand out, I wanted to use the silver chain for some contrast. 

You will need two pieces of chain.  The length of your chains really just depends on how long you want your necklace to be.  Attach a piece of chain to your O ring with a jump ring.  Attach your other chain to the other O ring. 

To the other sides of your chain you will attach more jump rings and your clasp.  Once you have all of these connected, your Infinity Necklace is ready to wear. 

Such a simple and elegant piece that will go with any outfit. 

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  1. You are sooo crafty Melissa! I love this! You make it look so simple.. Id defiantly mess it up. Haha :)

    Ps.. make sure you link this up to my Friday party if you havent already :)


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