Friday, April 27, 2012

Milk Jug Watering Can

My middle daughter is a Daisy Scout this year.  This past week they were working on earning a petal for Using Resources Wisely.  We were supposed to talk about how we use resources wisely around our house.  We eat our leftovers for lunch the next day.  We always recycle.  We also like to do craft projects with recycled or leftover items.  We also grow our own garden.

We decided it would be fun to do a little craft project and bring it to the Daisy Scout meeting to share with her troop.  To combine our love of crafts with our garden, we decided to make a milk jug watering can.  I've seen this done before, but I'm not sure where.

All you need is an empty milk jug, a nail, and a hammer.  We used a gallon jug, but you could use a half gallon too.  This might be easier for a young child to carry.

Use your hammer and nail to make holes into the lid of the milk jug.  The nail went through the lid pretty easily.  My six year old was able to make the holes herself.  I do still recommend you supervise closely if you are giving your child a hammer and nails though! 

Cover your lid with about 15-20 holes.  Fill your jug with water, but don't make it to heavy to carry if your child is going to use it.  Screw your lid back onto the milk jug.  Now it's time to water your flowers, garden, or the grass! 

My daughter brought her water jug to show her Daisy friends.  We didn't know it, but the timing was perfect.  They all planted flowers at the church they meet at.  She got to use her new watering can to water the cute flowers she planted.  They all loved her watering can!

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