Monday, April 30, 2012

SlimKicker - Challenge yourself while having fun!

Are you looking for a way to motivate yourself to lose weight or to just be more healthy?  There's a new FREE website that might just be what you are looking for. 

Level up your Body

This website has everything you need to track your progress and can help make it fun! 

One of the site's creators contacted me a few months ago to just ask some general questions on what types of things I would like in a site like this.  She recently contacted me again to let me know that the site is up and running.  I had to go by and check it out.  I think it turned out great!!

Simply create your own account to log in.  It will take your basic information and ask what your goal is.  I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight right now.  I would like to eat more healthy though.  If I happen to drop a few pounds, I wouldn't be too upset about it!

After setting up your profile and user name, you can start logging your food.  You earn points for logging in the foods you eat.  You get extra points for those healthy foods!  Check your nutrition stats and you will be able to track how you are doing for the day.  Not only does it track calories, but also fat, carbohydrates, fiber, cholesterol, sodium, protein, and sugar!  It also gives you the amounts you should be eating in a day as well.  Sugar is a tough one for me, but now that I can see the numbers, it's been a little easier to say no.

You can also log any exercise you do.  This will also earn you points.  Everything counts too, even cleaning the house and mowing the grass.  Love it! 

A way to earn big points is to join challenges.  Browse the challenges out there like no snacks after dinner or replacing soda.  Not feeling any of them?  Create your own challenge for you or a group of friends. 

Everyone could use a little support.  There are forums under the Groups tab for any topic you might want to discuss.  Get encouragement from others or share your favorite tips.  Have friends that want to join as well?  Become friends on SlimKicker as well so you can continue to support each other.  Everything is always easier with a friend!

Earn enough points and you will level up.  Choose what you would like to reward yourself with when you do level up.  Maybe it will be a cheat meal, a night out, or a massage.  You get to choose.  There's a place to put a picture of your reward to remind yourself of this short term goal.  After you level up, choose another reward to keep yourself going. 

I've found the site is very user friendly and easy to maneuver.  I like being able to track my daily workouts.  Even if I don't track my food everyday, it is a wonderful tool to be able to track my eating habits.  Just tracking what you are eating can be the motivation you need to eat better and therefore lose weight.  Check it out!


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