Monday, May 7, 2012

One Shoulder Maxi Dress

I do sew, but don't consider myself to be a great sewer.  I don't have the patience to follow an intricate pattern.  I like to create things, but I like them to be quick and easy.  I tend to get bored with a project if it takes too long.  For example, the quilt I've made for my daughter that is pieced together, but has been sitting waiting to be quilted for months.  I really do want to finish it!  When I finally do, I promise to share it with you.

I've been inspired by a few dresses I've seen on Pinterest.  They seem to be quick and easy.  So I decided to try creating my own style.  Maxi dresses seem to be the trend right now, so I decided to give it a try.  If you'd rather have a shorter dress, this could easily be hemmed to knee length.  The best part is that it is made with just two seams!

You will need two yards of knit fabric that is about 60" in width.  I think mine was 59".  Knit jersey is great because it doesn't ravel.  Perfect for a quick and easy dress because you don't have to finish any edges or hems!

Fold your material in half on the long edge with right sides together.  Place the folded edge along your body under your armpit.  Wrap the rest of the material around you, matching the two sides up together until they match.  Pin the two sides together in place on the top of your other shoulder.  Pin it where you would like your seam to end.  This will be different on different people.  Just make sure it is close enough to your neck that the dress won't slide off your shoulder.

Lovely picture I know.  Tough to take your own picture in this and I did it on the one cool day we had here in FL, hence the nice long sleeve T. 

Slide the material off of you with the pin in place.  Now it's time to measure where you will make your seam.  Lay your material flat and make sure that your front and back pieces match up.  You will be sewing the top, short end of your material.   Your pin will be the beginning of your seam (closest to your neck).  You can either sew all the way to the end of your material, or stop about 4 inches from the edge to create a flutter sleeve.  Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance, back stitching at the beginning and end for extra strength.  Remember that your right sides should be facing each other before you sew.

Now it's time to measure your long side seam.  Try on your dress again.  Now you will pin under your arm to mark where you will begin your seam.  You don't want your sleeve to be too tight, but you don't want to have too much room either.  The opening for my sleeve was about 9 inches when measured from the top corner of my material down. 

While you have your dress on still, you will measure where to end your seam.  Try on a belt with the dress, blousing it out how you would like it.  This does change the length of your dress length and where your side seam will end.  I wanted my skirt to have a side slit, ending just above my knee.  The length of my seam measured about 26 inches when measured from underneath the sleeve opening.  Mark your seam with pins and sew with a 1/4" seam allowance, again back stitching for strength. 

Turn your dress right sides out and try your dress on again, with your belt.  You can wear your belt at the waist or under the bust.  Now all you need to do is hem your dress.  You can keep it long or cut it shorter.  Just cut to the length you prefer.  I didn't even finish the edges.  But again, make sure you are wearing your belt when you measure the length.  You don't want to accidentally cut it too short!

That's it!  Just two seams and trim the extra material to the right length.  Now you have a trendy and comfy maxi dress in time for the summer!  I think I will be wearing mine to the girls' upcoming dance recital! 

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  3. How pretty! That looks just perfect for summer, great job!

  4. I really like your maxi dress, its so pretty!
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  5. Looks great! That color is gorgeous! I'm a patternless sewer, too, so I can appreciate a job well done and a fantastic vision. :)

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