Monday, June 11, 2012

Mini Brownie Ice Cream Cones

We finally made it to recital weekend!  The girls have been looking forward to this since the beginnning of the dance year!  The weekend is pretty intense though.

The whole process begins on Thursday for dress rehearsal.  The girls all have different call times for their different dances.  We are performance ready and finally get to practice on stage.  Everything went well and all the kinks were worked out.

Friday night begins the first of three performances.  The theatre is not super big, so they sell tickets to three different shows to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it.  I went to the Friday night performance with my parents and sister while the hubby stayed home with the baby.  It was quite an adventure.  The rain forecasted for the whole weekend didn't make things any easier.  My oldest performed with her ballet class first and everything went smoothly.  Then the rain started.  I guess they had some problems with leaks that made puddles on the stage.  My middle daughter didn't see it and was the first to skip right into it, slipping and sliding into the back curtain.  Poor thing!  She was a pro though and just kept going!  Then my oldest came back on stage for her jazz routine.  After a turn in the beginning of the routine, her glasses went flying off her face and across the stage!  Again, she was a pro and just kept on dancing!  I on the other hand was a nervous wreck and missed the rest of the dance since I was busy staring at the glasses on stage.  Luckily the girl on that side was good enough to keep her eye on them and avoid stepping on them. 

The Saturday matinee and evening shows went off without a hitch.  The girls love recital days.  The last show was over at almost 10pm, but that didn't stop them.  Now it was time for the after party!  Food, fun, and more dancing!  We had to drag them out of there at about midnight!  Party animals!

For the after party, all the parents sign up to bring food to share.  We brought some drinks and dessert.  I wanted to make something fun, but easy to eat since it gets pretty crowded.  I decided on Brownie Ice Cream Cones! 

The recipe is pretty simple.  I used a brownie box mix and found mini kids ice cream cones.  Cooking times are recommended.  Different mixes and different sized cones may bake differently.  You may have to sample one to make sure they are done!  

If you are making these at home for a party, you could actually use real ice cream on top and serve to your guests.  Since we weren't going to eat these immediately, I used frosting to create my ice cream.  You can use homemade frosting, but I had a can on hand so I just used that to make it easier on myself.

Mini Brownie 'Ice Cream' Cones
by Love Bug Living

1 box brownie mix (and required ingredients on box)
Mini ice cream cones
1 can frosting

Prepare your brownie batter as directed on box.  Spoon your batter into cones until they are 2/3rds full.  Place your cones in a 13 x 9 baking dish with high sides to keep them standing.  You can use balls of foil to help keep them in place if they need extra support.  Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until done.  Allow cones to cool completely.  Spoon frosting into a baggie.  Clip off the corner and squeeze out the frosting onto the cone to make it look like ice cream.  You can also use your frosting tips if you prefer. 

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