Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mini Vacation with TS Debby!

First of all, I want to apologize for not having as many craft projects lately.  Things are pretty busy around here with all three girls at home all day.  The more we stay at home, the more they get stir crazy which means the more they fight with each other.  So we are keeping busy with trips to the gym, the library, grocery shopping (since they are constantly eating), and fun trips with friends to the zoo and beach.  Between all of that, it’s been tough to find time to get much crafting done.  Hopefully I get some projects done soon.  If not, there’s always time after school is back in session.

Last year we were able to spend some time at a timeshare resort of my hubby’s parents.  It’s close to home in Orlando, but still a nice getaway.  While we were staying there, we did attend one of those timeshare sales meetings.  Uggghhh!!  Slow torture, but we thought it was worth it for the CASH they were giving us plus the 2 night stay in the future.  We made it through the sales pitch and used the money towards our Disney tickets.  This summer we decided to use the 2 night stay.  The bad part was that it could only be used during the weekdays.  Since we weren’t staying too far from home, it worked out that we could stay in the condo and the hubby still could work from here.  We picked a week where he could work out his schedule to only work two half days.  Seems like we had it all worked out.  Then Debby came to town!

Tropical Storm Debby was just supposed to give us a little rain and then make her way towards Texas.  Unfortunately for us she decided to just hang out right next to Florida and continuously pelt us with wind and rain.  We planned for Sunday to be rainy, making plans indoors.  We went out to lunch and then spent our time at the mall and Ikea before checking in and watching a movie in our condo. 
Mystic Dunes Resort
Our room is super cute, but a bit small for the five of us.  We did have their smallest layout since it was free.  I guess that’s why they have the mirrored walls, to make it appear bigger.  Ava would be telling us a story, but she couldn't make eye contact because she was always watching herself in the mirror!  She was just entranced!  One bathroom is not enough either.  So much for a relaxing shower!  I had one baby banging on the glass door, crying for Mom.  Another one was crying while Dad tried to brush the knots out of her oversensitive head.  Note to self, lock the door before a shower!
We thought Monday was going to clear up a bit, but Debby had other plans.  We decided on plan B and headed to Dave & Busters.  The kids had never been and the Hubby and I hadn’t been in quite a while.  In the afternoon, Hubby headed off to work and the kids and I headed to the pool while there was a lull in the rain.  It was still pretty cloudy, but at least we had the pool almost to ourselves.  Then back to our room to cuddle up and watch another movie.  After we made dinner in our little kitchen, we introduced the girls to Shirley Temple and The Little Princess.  Definitely one of my favorite movies as a kid. 

Our last day of vacation, we woke up and packed all of our stuff.  We only had a little time after check out before the Hubby had to head off to work again.  Luckily there was a break in the rain so the kids could go for a quick swim.  Then we headed to the World’s Largest McDonald’s to eat and play in their arcade.  The girls have been asking to go there for months, so they were excited to be finally going.  When we were there, a lady selling attraction tickets asked where we were from.  I told her we were local and she responded by telling that I looked like a tourist.  Not sure how I was supposed to take that!
Our vacation time may have been drenched by rain, but it couldn’t put a damper on our family fun.  Any time we can get out of our normal routine and spend some quality time with our family is a good vacation.  It was low key and relaxing, just what I needed!  Now back to real life and loads of laundry.  Can’t wait for that next vacation, but it is good to be home!
Check out Pictures from our adventure HERE

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