Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bottle Koozie - Summer Kids Craft

My kids are always excited to do any kind of craft project.  It's even more fun for me if it is something that they can actually use!  It seems like we have so many pieces of paper around here that are SO important that we just Can't throw them away!  I mean every little doodle too!  So any craft that doesn't just get added to the pile is a great one. 

We had previously found socks at the dollar store that we used to make a No Sew Doll Hat.  This is another great kids craft that they can actually play with too.  After we were done with the hats, we were left with the foot of a sock.  I had kept them hoping they would come in handy later.  Now they have! 

To make your own cup or bottle koozie, you will need a pair of socks and scissors.  All you will need to do is cut off the heel and the toe portions of the sock.  Cut straight across the sock when removing these sections so your koozie will have even edges.  That's it! 

Now simply slide your sock onto your favorite drink bottle or cup.  If you have more than one child, it is nice for them to each have their own color or design sock.  That way they will never lose track of which drink is theirs.  This will help cut down on arguments if your kids are anything like mine!  Now they will each have their own koozie to help keep track of their drink. 

These don't have to be just for the kids either.  The hubby has one that we made him last year.  His is a manly blue argyle sock that he uses on his coffee travel cup.  So they make great gifts too.  Have fun!



  1. Very smart, and so simple!

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