Monday, August 27, 2012

Candy Flower Vase

I really think a sweet tooth is something that is genetic.  My mom seems to have passed it along to my sister and I.  I've found that there's really no use fighting it.  My sister always has a stash of goodies in her pantry when we go over there.  Jelly beans are one of her favs along with a few others.  She is just about to celebrate her birthday this year, so I thought it would be fun to make her a gift of candy in a creative way.  I decided to make her a gift of flowers in a vase, all out of candy!

To start I filled a dollar store vase with gourmet jelly beans.  I used the whole bag, minus a few that I tested, just to make sure they weren't stale or anything.  You could use any small treats for the vase filler.  You could use all brown chocolate candies if you wanted it to look more like dirt or they do have packages of all green M&Ms if you want it to look more like grass or leaves. I liked the fun colorful look.

To create the stems, I found a package of multi colored twizzlers.  I had to buy two packages in order to have enough green ones.  When I placed them in the vase, they were a little too limp, so I put bamboo skewers through them in order to make them stiff.  You may need to trim off some of the wood skewer if they are too long. 

For the flowers I found lollipops on long plastic sticks that were perfect.  I've seen these at party stores and craft stores.  I bought mine at Michael's.  You could also use the large, colorful lollipops.  Around Valentine's Day, you can find chocolate roses.  What a cute gift this would make in place of a traditional vase of flowers! 

Your last step is to tie on a ribbon for a little decoration.  So cute and ready to be given for any occasion.  This would be a thoughtful gift for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Christmas.  How about a get well soon or congrats on the new baby?  You could also use holiday themed colors like red and green for Christmas.  Maybe team colors for a tailgate party.  These would be great wedding centerpieces.  Use the wedding colors to incorporate it all.  Your guests will love to snack on the treats throughout the reception.  So many fun ideas!

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