Friday, August 10, 2012

Paper Soccer Field

I love how creative my girls are!  They love to make little creations out of just ordinary paper.  My oldest daughter's teacher always said that she could make anything out of paper!  She would spend any free time she had after her classwork was done creating food, toys, and pretty much anything she could think of out of notebook paper.  She has now passed this talent onto her younger sister.

The two spent the other evening making a 'surprise' for Dad!  They decided to make a soccer field along with players all out of paper.  They worked hard creating the field, coloring the grass, creating a small black and white ball, and making sure the goals were just right.

Then they went on to create the players.  I guess her younger sister suggested they make them like puppets so that they could control the players and make them play the game.  I was so impressed how detailed they were on cutting out each player, coloring each player to make them individuals, but making them into two teams.  They all even had numbers on the back of their jerseys.  They they glued on the paper strings to each player to make them into mini puppets.

Dad was quite impressed too and had fun playing the game with his girls.  I love their desire to create things.  The next day they were on to making leg casts and binoculars for their American Girl dolls.  I might just have to steal some of their ideas!!


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