Wednesday, August 29, 2012

St. Augustine Anniversary Weekend

Earlier this month, the hubby and I celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary!  It had been quite a long time since we had been out to dinner alone, not to mention overnight!  Our youngest is over 20 months and it's been since before she was born.  To celebrate we headed to St. Augustine for a long weekend.  It's one of our favorite cities to visit.  Plenty of sites, shopping, history, and the beach.

After checking in at our hotel, we had lunch at the Conch House restaurant there.  It was beautiful out and we had a great view of the marina from our own little hut in the sky.  Perfect beginning to the weekend.  

 After lunch we decided to head on over to the San Sebastian Winery for a tour and wine sampling.  It was fun to learn more about the process and how to taste the wine.

 The group even did a little toast to help celebrate our anniversary!  We bought our own bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate more on our own.

For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant.  This was the view from our balcony table.  I think almost all of our meals were spent outside with a great view of the water.

That evening we went on a Ghost Train Tour!  We'd never done it before and thought it would be fun.  It was a bit rainy as we were about to start, but the rain pretty much stopped for us.  Our guide seemed a bit off his game, but we had fun regardless.  Not sure we saw any ghosts.  We took lots of photos. Not a super flattering picture of the hubby, but does that look like an orb to you?  I guess that is what spirits are supposed to look like in photos.

Maybe we didn't see any ghosts, but it is always interesting to hear the stories of people that lived here hundreds of years before. 
The next morning we started our day off with a walk on the beach.  We got there before it got too busy.

For lunch we enjoyed another great view from the balcony at A1A Ale Works.  The hubby is into making his own beer, so he was excited to try all of theirs.  He wanted a tour but the brew master wasn't there, so the manager showed him what he could. 

Even with our gorgeous view, this is the view the hubby liked best.  It was a sampling of all of their beers they brew.  We spent the afternoon sightseeing and shopping in the old town.


Flagler College

Just as the weather started getting dark and cloudy, we headed to Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.  We made it inside just before the skies unleashed.  Perfect timing, because the rain had stopped again after we were done.  You could tell it had been a down pour with all of the branches and moss that had fallen from the trees.  We were pretty tired after all of our walking, so we just picked up some sushi to eat back in our hotel while we watched the Olympics.  It was nice to be able to walk down to the bar at the marina and grab a drink too.

Before we left town we knew we had to have the breakfast buffet at the Casa Monica Hotel.  The place is beautiful and the food was delicious.  They make omelets and waffles to order along with fruits and other breakfast favorites.  Yummy!

To burn off some of those calories, we headed over to the putt putt course for a little competition.  It was still early, but already getting hot out. 

 I started out well, but ended up choking at the end.  Oh, well.  Gotta let him win sometimes, just to make him feel good too.  ;-) 
The hubby commented on how much we can get done when we don't have the kids with us.  It had been great, but we were ready to get home to them.  They had the first day of school the next day so we had to get them in bed early.  It was the perfect weekend. We will definitely have to make sure it isn't another two years before we have a weekend alone again. 

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