Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation Memory Souvenir

Whenever we are on vacation, we like to pick up a little something to remember our trip by.  It seems like a lot of the stuff you find is kind of cheap and touristy.  There really isn't much that we want to keep out to display around the house.  Besides, all the little trinkets add up quick and are not fun to dust. 

We've found that a good, memorable souvenir is a Christmas ornament.  Each year we get out all of our vacation ornaments and reminisce about the trip as we hang them up on the tree.  It's fun to see them after putting them away for a while.  We started this tradition on our honeymoon.  It really brings back memories to see the ornaments we collected on our cruise.  All of our ornaments have a different feelings and memories connected to them. 

We found this wood ornament on our latest trip to St. Augustine for our 11th wedding anniversary.  We liked the look of it and it reminded us of many of our meals, since we had a view of this bridge during most of them.  Some vacations it has been easy to find ornaments, other not so much.  But really it doesn't have to start as an ornament.  One of my favorites is a set of dice that we got in Las Vegas on our first anniversary.  They actually began as a key chain.  I removed the key chain attachment and added a Christmas hook.  The look we wanted with just a little bit of effort.  Be creative if you can't find the ornament you want or if they are crazy expensive, which is often the case in souvenir shops.  I hope you enjoy searching for that perfect ornament to commemorate your vacation!

Bridge of Lions

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