Friday, September 14, 2012

Wedding Date Stamped Necklace

Another wedding shower gift idea for you!  Actually, you could use it as a new baby gift as well.  I love the look of personalized stamped necklaces.  I have charms with each of my kids initials on them.  I thought this would be a fun gift to personalize for the bride for her to remember her special day. 

I found my sterling silver necklace charm blanks at Hobby Lobby.  Watch for sales, because they have 50% off quite often.  I also got my silver chain there as well.  They have a small selection of metal stamps and supplies.  I was eyeing the script letter set they had, but knew I shouldn't.

I have two different sizes of metal stamps.  I decided to stamp the bride's future last initial in the larger size in the middle and use the smaller stamps for the date around the bottom of the charm blank.  Start in the middle of your date so you can work your way to the outsides, keeping the spacing even.  My stamp set doesn't have a period, so I used the tip of a philips head screwdriver to make dots between the date.  It's always good to practice your stamping on a scrap sheet of metal before moving on to your piece.

I made the necklace to show the bride's new last name and wedding date, but this would be a great gift for a new mom with the baby's initial and birth date.  Any mom would love to wear this memento of her little one. 

After stamping, I use a sharpie to accentuate the grooves.  Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol so that it is ready to go.  Trace over your stamped areas on the charm with a black sharpie.  Immediately wipe away the excess marker.  This will make your letters pop and show up much better.

I was happy with how the necklace turned out.  I hope the bride loves it and I'm looking forward to celebrating with her on her big day! 

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