Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Shower Kitchen Utensil Bouquet & Holder

It's been wedding season with my friends lately.  I have two upcoming weddings to attend within a month of each other.  That means lot of wedding showers to attend.  This latest shower was for a fellow crafty friend.  That meant I had to think of something different and fun to make her.  She always has great ideas, so I wanted to make her something unique.  

After looking at her registry, I picked out a few of her kitchen utensils that she wanted and decided to make them into a flower bouquet.  I used a sandwich spreader, a brownie lifter, and a couple of bamboo spoons.  I found these white flowers that I thought looked bridal.  Choose whatever flowers you like, but make sure they have long stems.  Cut your flower bunch up into separate stems, leaving the stems as long as possible.  You can always trim them later if you need to.

Start by sandwiching one of your stems between two of your utensils.  Keep these all together with a rubber band.

Add your remaining utensils and cluster them all together.  Keep in place with another rubber band.

Now add your remaining flower stems around all of your kitchen utensils.  Slide them in the rubber band as well.

Once you have your bouquet looking how you want it, it's time to add a ribbon around the base.  I threaded one end of the ribbon through a hole in one of the spoons to help keep it in place.

Start wrapping your two ends in opposite directions, overlapping to cover all openings.  Work your ribbon to the top of your utensils and then tie together.

I added another decorative bow, just for fun.

Now you have a kitchen utensil bouquet, perfect for any bride!

After I finished with the bouquet, I decided I needed something to present it in.  I decided to make a bouquet holder.  It was the perfect way to present the gift bouquet and she can use it at the reception to hold her actual bouquet as well.

Starting with a clean mason jar, or any taller wide mouth jar, wrap a piece of ribbon around the middle of it.  I used clear tape to keep it in place.  I used silver, but you can use any color that matches the bride's wedding colors.

Because this is for a fall themed wedding, I used dark green raffia to tie around the middle of the ribbon for a little color detail.  You could also use flat lace as well.

I had found this letter F charm necklace to represent the bride's new last name.  I added it around the middle of the jar as well for an extra detail.  You could use any charm.  If the bride has a theme to her wedding, this might give you ideas of something to add.  If it's a beach wedding, add a shell.  

Your bouquet holder is now ready to hold your kitchen utensil bouquet and any other bouquet the bride might want to display.  This could also be great for a centerpiece at the bridal shower.  Have fun creating!

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