Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Copy Cat Closet - Shorts in the Winter

This week's Copy Cat Closet Challenge from Ma Nouvelle Mode and The Grant Life is Shorts in Winter.  I have to say that this isn't such a challenge here in Florida.  I've been wearing shorts and tank tops in our 80 degree weather.  We would actually love to be able to wear sweaters, boots, and scarves.  I did want to tackle this challenge as if it was cold, not just a typical day of shorts and flip flops.

Inspiration Style from Ma Nouvelle Mode
 I love the combination of shorts, boots, and scarves.  Probably because it is never cold enough here to wear them all together with pants.  It's probably why I see a lot of short skirts or shorts with Uggs around here. 

 To create my shorts in winter look, I started with a pair of cuffed denim shorts over a pair of black tights.  I topped a long sleeved white T with a short sleeve black sweater.  I love this Scarf Necklace that I got as a Christmas gift from a friend.  Fun scarf that is decorative enough to be a necklace too.  It's from a local boutique called Walk on Water.  I finished off my outfit with some white and black boot cuffs and my black boots. 

Black sweater - Merona (Target), White T - Op (Walmart), Shorts - Forever XXI, Boot cuffs - Esprit (Marshall's), Black tights - Ross, Boots - Michelle D (Dillard's), Scarf Necklace - Walk on Water

Lately I've been seeing these boot stuffers to keep your boots standing up when they are in your closet.  Need a free idea for this?  Just roll up an old magazine and slide them in your boots.  Helps them keep their shape and you are being responsibly green by recycling an old magazine.  I've been using these magazines for a while and my boots are still standing tall.


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  1. I was thinking about you when I did this challenge! I thought, wait, she was wearing shorts without tights last challenge, must be warm there! Hope it was nice to fake winter for a bit :) Oh and thanks for the magazine tip - I needed something for my boots!


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