Monday, January 7, 2013

Crafty Gifts I Received

These last couple of weeks have been a blur! Time seems to be flying by and I'm back to playing catch up again. Oh well. We've been enjoying our time off from the routine. Things do need to get done, but it just doesn't seem like they are going to until I get the kids back to school and things are a little more normal.  We actually have a couple more days off of school. They go back on Wednesday. Not sure why that is, but it will be nice to ease back in to waking up early with a short week. 

Am I the only one that still has all of their Christmas stuff up? I feel like it. We planned to get it all down, but life happened. Instead of working on that, the hubby decided to start tiling our bathroom. He figured that was a bigger job that needed to get done on his days off. Didn't quite get done in time, so he's still at it. Tough to fit it all in, especially when he spent his days at a soccer tournament. I'm sure he is going to be pretty sore when all of it is done. It will be so great when it is complete though. The new vanity is set up and new floor soon to be done. Painting, lighting, back splash, and other accessories to go.  Hopefully I'll be able to share pictures soon!

I did want to share a couple of crafty gifts that I received.  Obviously I'm not the only crafty one in the family.  This year my parents and I decided not to exchange gifts for us in our family.  Everyone would just buy gifts for the kids.  That worked out for us, but then I started to feel bad that others in my family wouldn't receive many gifts since they don't really have many people buying for them.  I talked to my Mom and we decided that we could make gifts for each other and that wouldn't be breaking the rules.  My hubby made gifts for all the guys, making them wood beer carriers filled with his home brew.  My Mom brought supplies over to make pictures for my sister and her boyfriend, so the girls and I helped her with those.  I'll share those projects with you soon.  Today I wanted to share with you the gifts I received from my crafty Mom and Dad.

Great minds must think alike, because they made me these adorable Bird's Nest Necklaces.  Very similar to the Bird's Nest Ornament that I made for my brother.  I love my three little eggs!

How awesome is this wood jewelry box!  My Dad has started woodworking and even built his own woodworking shed in his backyard.  I must say he has gotten pretty good at it!  Love this wood box he made me out of pallets.  Doesn't the grain look so cool?

He made the two older girls their own jewelry boxes as well.  Each had their own personality.  The white painted box came with Mod Podge, stickers and scrap booking supplies to decorate with.  That will be a fun project.  All of the boxes were lined with felt so that you can safely store jewelry in them.  Now you know where I get my creativity from!

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