Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tie Dye Cupcakes

This past weekend we celebrated my second daughter's birthday.  She decided she wanted to invite her friends to the skating rink, which makes this the second skating party we've had this year.  My oldest also had her birthday party there.  It's been a fun family activity since we were invited to a birthday party last year.  I love that the girls have fun and we can all get some exercise too.

I always have the most fun party planning when I am shopping for party favors for our guests.  This year I found some fun stuff on Amazon.  I found all the items for our goody bags and spent enough that I got it all shipped for free.  Plus it all went great with our Groovy party theme.

When my oldest celebrated, we went with Roller Skate Cupcakes. To make this party different, we went with more of a peace and love theme and made Tie Dye Cupcakes.  I found these cupcake wrappers and toppers online at Party City

Now on to our Tie Dye Cupcakes!  I still kept the process simple by using a cake box mix.  After preparing the batter as directed, I divided it among five zippered sandwich bags.  I found that if you place the baggie in a cup and fold the top over the edge of your cup, it makes it much easier to fill. 

 Now you need your Neon colored food dye.  I found some at Target and Publix, but my Walmart didn't have any.  Put a few drops in each baggie of batter and zip close.  I left one of my baggies plain. 

After your baggies are zipped tightly, massage the bag until the color is fully mixed in.  Place your cupcake liners in your muffin pan.  Trim a small corner off your bag.  Place a small amount in each cup.  Do the same with each bag, layering all the colors on top of each other.

As they bake, the colors will combine even more and have this fabulous tie dye look.  Aren't they pretty?

 Now it's time for the frosting.  I wanted it to be tie dye as well.  The process is pretty much the same.  Instead of splitting the frosting up into baggies, I divided it into bowls.  It is thicker so I thought it would be easier to stir the color in.  Add a few drops of the neon color dye to your frosting and mix. 

 After your colors are mixed, it's time to put them in your pastry bag.  You want to try and keep the colors separate when you spoon them in.  I tried to concentrate one color down the sides of the bag. 

Squeeze your frosting in a circular motion to cover the top of your cupcake.  The colors will combine as they are squeezed out.  Each cupcake will have it's own unique and swirly look.

Not only are the cupcakes pretty cool from the outside, the inside is pretty cool as well.  I love how the neon colors came out.  The tie dye cupcakes were perfect for our roller skating party.  Everyone had a great time.  I love watching my girls smile and have fun with their friends.  Everyone loved the cupcakes too!



  1. Woah! Those look SO fun! LC would love to make those! I'd be thrilled if you'd link them up to Shine on Fridays this week if you haven't already! I'm pinning...

  2. Cute! My daughter wants a rainbow heart birthday party for her 5th, so I will have to pin these for inspiration!


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