Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hershey Kisses Valentine's Roses

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to make your Valentine's Day gifts for the kids to bring to school!  I'm sure I'm not the only one, but it is not good if you are a blogger trying to share your ideas with the world or whoever will listen.  I will get them all done, but wanted to share my progress in case there is anyone else out there still creating at the last minute too. 

The girls both decided that they wanted to give their classes Hershey Kiss candy roses!  I have to admit that they are quite cute and pretty easy to make, so I was on board.  Last year they insisted on buying store bought Valentine's, so I was excited that they were into making them this year.  However, the day just really snuck up on me.

To make Hershey Kiss Roses, you will need a bag of Hershey Kisses, red cellophane, floral tape, and floral stems.

Start by placing two kisses flat sides together.  You could add a glue dot to keep them together, but I didn't just because the cellophane keeps them in place.  You may also want to remove the white Hershey Kisses label to give the rose a more uniform look.

Now take a square of red (or even pink) cellophane about 5x5 inches and place around your kisses.  My squares started out too big.  This just makes them harder to keep in place when wrapping. 

My floral stems were 18 inches long.  Much too long for the kids to bring to school.  Although they would be pretty nice to use if you are giving a bouquet to that special someone wrapped in tissue or in a vase.  I decided to cut my stems in half.  You could even cut them in thirds.  Slide your stem into the bottom of your bloom.  Be sure to not stab it into your Hershey kiss.

Now twist your cellophane around the wire stem.  This will help your kisses stay in place.

Take your floral tape and start wrapping around your stem, starting at the base of your bloom.  Keep wrapping in a diagonal direction until all of the cellophane is covered. 

You can continue wrapping until your entire floral stem is covered.  Your first rose is done! 

Now it's time to add your leaf.  The girls and I decided to add paper leaves with a message to all of their friends.  I found a leaf outline online, printed them on green paper, and cut them out.  On one side the girls wrote their To. and From. messages.  On the other side, I wrote Have a Rosy Day!

Whether you decide to give each friend a single rose, or make a bunch for your Love, they will be adored until the last bite.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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