Friday, February 22, 2013

Master Bath Remodel

It is always so rewarding when a big project actually gets finished!  This one actually went faster than most in our house.  Of course it had to be done out of necessity.  You can only go so long without running water in your bathroom.  I guess that is a big motivating factor.  I love our new bathroom! 
We had wanted to remodel our bathroom for a few years, but there was always something else that needed to be done first.  The update was kick started by the fact that we got a great deal on this vanity at Lowe's.  It's always good to check out the clearance sales!  From there the project really got rolling.  Although it did sit in our garage a month or so before we actually got started. But after that it got rolling.  

  Here is our before bathroom.  I can't believe we lived with it for so long, now that I've seen what it is now.  This photo was an afterthought as we began the demolition.  There was a long drawer in that space on the left and those wire baskets were pushed under the large space.  Definitely not the most effective storage.  Only one sink too.  Although we did have a lot of counter space, which was nice. 
Here is a shot of our demo.  The hubby and my Dad spent some time and a few trips to Lowe's setting up the plumbing for the second sink.  We were so thankful my parents were able to come down for the weekend to help with this project.  While the guys were working on the plumbing, my Mom and I were in the other room working on our Bird Collage Canvas Art.  We were all up late working!

After the plumbing was done, we set about getting the new tile floor down.  Such an improvement from the linoleum floor that they installed when the house was built.  I love the rectangle tiles we picked with its linen look.  The hubby installed them all by himself.  It's always nice to be married to a handy man.

The next step was finding the backsplash. We found these small rectangular tiles at Home Depot. It was actually a 12 x 12 tile that we cut into four inch strips. The tiles cost less than $13.

We also decided to remove the large mirror and go with smaller framed mirrors.  That idea came about after we found this narrow cabinet also on clearance at Lowe's (but on a totally separate trip) for $30, usually $100.  We had always liked this look, but this find sealed the deal.  We found the two mirrors at Homegoods. 
A new light fixture to replace the contractor's special and I think the whole look really came together.   

That wasn't the end of our bathroom makeover though.  We have a small toilet room in our bathroom too.  It was pretty basic and plain with just a picture haning over the toilet.  Basically a bunch of wasted space.

We added these chunky shelves over the toilet, which we also found at Lowe's.  I love the look of them.  They add some useable storage for extra towels and space for other bath items in baskets, as well as some decorative items. 
We are so happy to have our new bathroom.  Even more so now that I've seen those Before and After pictures.  What a difference!  Do you have any big projects you are working on this year?  Can't wait to be able to do our kitchen!




  1. Your bathroom looks great now! What a big project. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Nice post, You shared great information about your project of bathroom remodel.After remodeling it is looking very attractive.Thanks for sharing.

  3. what kind of sink faucets are those - they are so nice!

    1. Thanks! They are made by American Standard and we found them at Lowe's.

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