Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wood Pallet Beer Bottle Carrier

Remember when I told you that our Christmas this past year was mostly handmade gifts?  Well I've shared our Bird Collage Art and some of the gifts I received.  Today I wanted to share a handmade  gift we made for the guys!  My crafty hubby made these Beer Bottle Carriers filled with his own home brew for our families.  The best part was that he made them out of pallets and scrap wood and supplies he had on hand. 

This is what our beer carriers started out as.  Not very portable as you can see.  Not sure if you've really inspected a pallet before, but the slats are actually different sizes.  The outside ones are wider than the inside slats.  Useful bit of info for when you are crafting!

After cutting the slats into usable pieces, he constructed his carrier with the wider slats on the bottom and the two sides.  Your measurement lengths will depend on how many beers you want your carrier to hold.  The wide slats on the bottom were just right to fit two bottles side by side.  The side pieces need to be taller than your bottles and also have room to attach your handle. 

He used wood glue and also a nail gun to construct the carrier.  Attach your side slats to the outside edges of your end pieces. 

Now it's time to add the handle.  We had an old table leg that he cut to fit between the tall side panels.  He screwed that in place to make sure that it was sturdy and strong enough to hold.

To keep the bottles from sliding around, he added small slats of wood between each set of bottles.  An extra piece of metal was put in long ways to add individual slots for each bottle.

Here is a shot of a four pack bottle carrier he made as well.  I love the rustic look of the carriers.  These would be great Father's Day gifts for Dad.  Hope Hubby has enough supplies left to make himself one!

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